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2015 Cambridge Structural Database Now Available for Download

The 2015 release of the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) is now available.  CSD is a repository of over 700,000 small-molecule organic and organometallic crystal structures built by the non-profit Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre in the UK.  Penn Libraries have been providing a site license to the database for the past several years.  It can be searched using either a desktop client, which may be installed on any on-campus computer, or a Web-based search interface, accessible from any on or off-campus location.

Unlike previous releases, this year’s client and helper applications are being distributed as an online download, so, you do not need to borrow any discs from the library.  Simply visit, and click on the link to download the client software.  This will take you to a Penn Libraries page that includes the download link, as well as the site number and confirmation code that you will need to download the software.  Visiting the download link presents you with a form in which to enter your e-mail address, the site number, and the code, which, in turn, will generate an e-mail to you with links to download the various applications available through our subscription.  The critical one is the CSD download.

Please note that the CSD desktop client will only work from on-campus locations.  If you wish to use CSD from off-campus, you must use CSDWeb, which is also linked from

For more information contact Judith Currano in the Chemistry Library

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