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Digital Loeb Classical Library

Digital Loeb provides fully searchable Web based access to the entire 521 volumes of the bilingual Loeb library of critical editions of Greek and Latin texts.The first texts in this well known series were first published in 1911. Founder James Loeb hopped to accomplish two things: make the work of classical authors accessible to as many readers as possible—regardless of their knowledge of Greek or Latin—and to offer the best of Anglo-American classical scholarship. Since Harvard University Press took responsibility for the series in the late 1980s, the editors have released new editions, translations, and extensive revisions of texts to update language and to restore words and phrases that had been deleted or obscured to protect the gentle reader. According to the Loeb site,the ancient authors in the Loeb Classical Library “span eighteen centuries and every genre. . . .The digital Loeb Classical Library continues the historic mission of making all that is important in Greek and Latin literature available to readers anywhere in the world—with accurate, literate, English translations.


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