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MDConsult to retire, being replaced by ClinicalKey


Elsevier will be retiring the highly used medical education resource, MDConsult, on December 31, 2014. Not to fear however as Elsevier has a new, even better product to replace it. ClinicalKey, designed to provide rapid, trusted and comprehensive clinical information to physicians and medical students, will continue to offer access to the same material as MDConsult but will also make vastly more content available. We are now able to access all 54 Clinics titles, over 1,100 e-books as well as drug monographs, journals, practice guidelines, images, and patient education material. Most exciting about this new resource is that we now have access to e-books that were previously unavailable to institutions, such as Boron & Boulpaep Medical Physiology. Additionally, ClinicalKey provides new content in its Procedures Consult database; a video collection of over 300 commonly performed medical procedures and treatments. Rusty on your lumbar puncture skills, refresh them with this video; need to perform an emergency thoracostomy, ClinicalKey has you covered.

Please note that some additional functionality within ClinicalKey will require an account. It is quick and easy to sign up for one. Get started here.

If you have any questions about this new resource, please contact Melanie Cedrone at or 215-898-1862.

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