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Marx & Engels Collected Works, 50-volumes, now online!

The Penn Libraries have purchased an e-book version of the 50-volume set, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels: Collected Works.

MECW contains English-language editions and translations from the published writings of Marx and Engels, as well as their correspondence. The set was intended as a definitive English-language edition, prepared jointly in 1975-2004 by Lawrence & Wishart Ltd, International Publishers Co. Inc. (New York), and Progress Publishers (Moscow) in collaboration with the Institute of Marxism-Leninism / Russian Independent Institute of Social and National Problems (Moscow). Editors and translators include Eric Hobsbawn, Ben Fowkes, Philip Foner, Clemens Dutt, Hugh Rodwell among others.

The online MECW is hosted on the Project MUSE platform. The interface offers fulltext searching and DRM-free PDF chapter or section downloading from the table of contents for individual volumes. Project MUSE provides URLs for individual volumes and their chapters or sections.

Franklin cataloging for the online MECW does not identify the contents of individual volumes. The reader interested in specific works by Marx and Engels should consult the Lawrence & Wishart noticeboard for a detailed contents list. Highlights of the online MECW are:

The Penn Libraries also own print versions of MECW and the original-language Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels Gesamtausgabe (MEGA).