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Cairn brings French-language e-journals to Penn Libraries

The Penn Libraries have opened a subscription to Cairn’s Bouquet Général, the most comprehensive collection of French-language scholarly e-journals for the humanities and social sciences.

Cairn hosts approximately 400 e-journals, with fewer than 70 titles currently represented among the Penn Libraries print collection. Major publishers contributing to Cairn’s e-journal collection include: ERES, Presses Universitaires de France, De Boeck Supérieur, Armand Colin, Presses de Sciences Po, ESKA, L’Harmattan, La Découverte, and Éditions de l’EHESS.

E-journals in Cairn ranked highly by Journal Citation Reports and Scopus‘s SCImago include:

Through Cairn, the Penn Libraries provide access to French-language scholarly research that is comparable to our extensive English-language online holdings. Articles in Cairn e-journals may be discovered through the PennText Article Finder. Journal titles are included in Franklin and should appear soon in FindIt. Cairn articles are provided in HTML and PDF format.

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