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Online U.S. documents on Cold War-era Middle East

The Penn Libraries have acquired two digitized sets of U.S. federal records hosted on Gale Cengage’s Archives Unbound platform. These new sets document Cold War-era interest in the internal affairs and economic development of Middle Eastern countries. These sets reproduce documents held by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

The new sets include:

  • U.S. Operations Mission to Saudi Arabia, 1950-1955: Correspondence and Subject Files of the Office of the Director. 19,794 images.
    This set reproduces documents contained in NARA Record Group 469: Records of the U.S. Foreign Assistance Agencies, 1948-1961, Mission to Saudi Arabia: Office of the Director, 1950-1955. It describes programs (and their problems) initiated by the International Cooperation Administration and the Point Four Program in Saudi Arabia. This set complements another Archives Unbound set held by the Penn Libraries: U.S. and Iraqi Relations: U.S. Technical Aid, 1950-1958.
  • Persian Gulf And Yemen: American Ascendancy And The Cold War, 1950-1959. 12,036 images.
    The set reproduces documents from NARA Record Group 59, General Records of the Department of State, Central Classified Files, Kuwait (86D), Muscat and Oman (86E), Qatar (86F), the Trucial Sheikhs (86G), and Yemen (86H). Internal Political, National Defense, Economic, Industrial, Social, and Other. State Department Decimal File numbers for internal affairs represented in the set include: 786D.OO-786D.56; 786E.OO-786E.5811; 786F.OO-786F.11; 786G.OO-786G.5441; 786H.OO-786H.58; 886D.OO-886D.572; 886E.OOTA-886E.49; 886F.OO-886F.55; 886G.OO-886G.55; 886H.OO-886H.572; 986D.OO-986D.8294; 986E.34-986E.714; 986F.724-986F.734; 986G.OO; 986H.OO-986H.734. Archives Unbound file titles start, e.g.: Central File: Decimal File 611.86E4 …

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