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3D Printing @ The Biomedical Library

uprint_se_3d_printer.ashxThe Health Science Libraries is introducing a new 3D printing program.  The PennVet and PennDental communities are welcome to take advantage of this exciting new service.  It is open to all students, staff, and faculty — and if you have an academic, clinical or research project, the printing is free!

We invite anyone interested in the service to attend an Open House that will take place at the Biomedical Library

  • When:  May 6, 4-6pm
  • Where:  The Biomedical Library is located at 36th & Hamilton Walk
  • RSVP: email if you would like to attend

During the event we will show you the printer in action and discuss some of the objects that have already been printed for the Penn community [view our photo album].  We will also answer any questions you might have.

A few important facts about our 3D printer:

  • File Format:
    • To print a model on the Stratasys uPrint, it must be exported as a Stereolithography file, with an STL extension (.stl).  Most CAD programs can save or export in this format, as can other free 3D modeling software packages.  More info:
  • Size:
    • The Stratasys uPrint allows for model production up to 8 x 8 x 6 inches.  Keep in mind that we can print parts of a model that can then be assembled to make a larger piece.
  • Color:
    • We can print in ivory, white, blue, fluorescent yellow, black, red, nectarine, olive green, or gray.  However, the print only works with one spool at a time, so in order to have a multi-color part you must design your model in such a way that the colors will be consecutive.
  • Cost:
    • 3D printing for academic, clinical and research projects are free.
    • All other items cost $1 per printing hour.  It’s difficult to estimate a cost before receiving a file.  Some files require 2 hours of print time, others require 48 hours.  Once you submit your file, you will be contacted with a cost estimate.
  • Submitting your Model:
    • Once you have completed your model, you can email the STL file and your color preference to If this print is for academic, clinical or research purposes, please provide a short description of your project.  We will review the file and provide you with a cost and turnaround estimate.

More info about the 3D Printing service is available at:

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