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The American Israelite (1854-2000), ProQuest Historical Newspapers

The entire run of The American Israelite from its beginning to 2000 is now available online.  It can be searched alone or along with other ProQuest Historical Newspapers such as the Philadelphia Exponent. The American Israelite is the longest-running English-language Jewish newspaper still published in the United States. The newspaper’s two goals were to spread the principles of Reform Judaism, and to keep American Jews in touch with Jewish affairs and their religious identity.  Through the 1930s the newspaper was national in coverage–with correspondents located across the country–and circulation. By 1900 it claimed a circulation of over 35,000, about 12,000 in Ohio and Illinois and the balance spread across almost every other state as well as Canada and Mexico. The publication Printer’s Ink said they had the largest guaranteed circulation of any Jewish newspaper in the U.S., and it continued to be especially strong in the West and the South. One 1902 book characterized The American Israelite as “the leading Jewish newspaper in the United States and the National Journal of the Jews.”  After the 1930s the newspaper became more focused on its local community of Cincinnati.

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