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Introducing a New and Expanded Franklin!

During the week of June 22nd, the Libraries will introduce a new, expanded Franklin interface called Franklin:Discovery!  Franklin:Discovery will provide access to the resources you expect to find in the familiar Franklin catalog, but will also allow you to search for and retrieve the full text of articles published in scholarly journal articles, magazines, newspapers, and other types of content, all in a single interface.

You can combine your Catalog & Articles+ results on a single page. Or click on a tab to search just Catalog or Articles+. These options are explained in greater detail below.

Franklin: Catalog & Articles+ tab

Franklin: Catalog & Articles+ is the default search.

Franklin: Discovery (Catalog & Articles+)

Catalog & Articles+ results in 2 columns

Search results are displayed in 2 columns: Catalog on the left, Articles+ on the right.

Searching Catalog & Articles+ displays two columns of results from resources included in both the Libraries Catalog and the Articles + collection. You may select a title from either column to view detailed information about the resource.

To see the full results from either collection, select the View and Filter option that appears at the top of each column.  Selecting View and Filter will also allow you to filter your results to target your retrieval.

Franklin: Discovery (Catalog)

This interface is the Franklin Catalog that we’ve used for years!  It contains records for many types of material including books, ebooks, journal and newspaper titles, manuscripts, conference proceedings, musical scores, and more.

Franklin: Catalog tab

Franklin: Catalog should look familiar. For the first half of 2015, this was the available Franklin search.

Note: If you enter a search in Franklin: Discovery using one tab, you can change your mind and select another tab without losing your current search.  Rest assured, your search will follow you into the new collection!

Franklin: Discovery (Articles+)

Articles+ is a great place to begin your research journey! This new search tool allows you to browse the content within most of the Penn Libraries holdings.

Along with typing in your search terms, you can limit search results using the following options:

  • Scholarly & peer-review only
  • Full text only
  • Exclude Newspapers
  • Search beyond the Penn collection
Franklin: Articles+ tab

Use Franklin: Articles+ to search for articles. Try setting some checkbox limits first.

The Articles+ results page also provides a number of “filters” that display on the left panel allowing you to target your retrieval to the most relevant items.  If you are off-campus, be sure to follow the Log-In prompt. Following the Log-In prompt will display even more resources.

Articles+ results appear in a new interface.

Key Features:

  • Moving your mouse over a resource will display “fly out” content on the right margin, giving you more information about the resource.
  • Clicking a title will direct you to the resource.  If the item is not available full-text, look for the PennText button to check whether Penn Libraries has a print copy or to request the item via our document delivery service.
  • Clicking the folder icon will mark the resource for printing, downloading, or emailing.

Accessing Franklin: Discovery

Franklin: Discovery will be accessible from the Penn Libraries Homepage.  Enter your search terms and press GO.  Remember, Franklin: Discovery will search both the Catalog & Articles+ collections.  If you want to search just the Catalog, select the Catalog button before you press GO.

Libraries homepage - Franklin tab

The new Franklin searches are available from the Libraries homepage

Happy searching!

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