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Penn Alerts Table of Contents Delivery Service has been retired

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The Penn Alerts Table of Delivery Service has been phased out. Over the years, notification services have evolved to help researchers stay current with journal literature and to customize the kinds of alerts that interest them. Nearly a decade ago, Penn Alerts was an early entry into this field of technologies.

But in recent years, as faculty and students have adopted easier and more customizable current awareness tools, many of them available at no cost through other services licensed by the Penn Libraries, the use of Penn Alerts has greatly declined. With these more sophisticated tools at hand, and user interest shifting dramatically in new directions, we now see the need to retire this service.

In an effort to assist you in converting to more current alternatives, we have created this site,, with links to resources that allow for table of contents, topical, author, and citing article alerts. In addition, your school or departmental library liaison can work with you directly to evaluate your needs and set up an alternative notification service.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this transition.

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