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Catherine Hinton honored with Opportunity Scholarship Dr. Raker Award

Warm congratulations to Catherine Hinton, Vet Library Service Assistant, on receiving Penn Vet’s Opportunity Scholarship Dr. Raker Award!

The award is designed to “recognize the sincere desire to assist the professional development of students by excellent mentoring, communication, example and encouragement.”  The awardee is selected by recipients of the Charles W. Raker Opportunity Scholarship as the person from the Penn Vet School community– faculty, lecturers, residents, interns or staff — who most exemplifies the good works and attributes of Dr. Raker:  Caring, Compassion, Competence, Communication.   Catherine personifies these traits while supervising the veterinary library’s student workers, and by providing treats for all the vet students at holidays and exam periods, and participating in I Care training, as well as her many other services to the Penn Vet community.

Thousands of veterinarians have fond and grateful memories of Dr. Raker’s tireless enthusiasm to help them become, in his words; “good veterinarians.”  Dr. Raker pioneered techniques that brought equine surgery to a new level and helped establish New Bolton as a world renowned treatment center for horses and other large animals.

Congratulations to Catherine for continuing this tradition of support and encouragement of our students.