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Japanese Naval Training Fleet Souvenir Books

The Penn Libraries Japanese Collection has acquired a unique and special collection of Japanese Imperial Navy training fleet souvenir publications, and they have arrived! These are scrapbook-like publications of photographs and other memorabilia, as well as a self-published history of the training fleet, about the fleet’s global travels between the late 1800s and early 1940s. This is the most extensive collection of the training fleet’s memorial books in the world and the Japanese Collection is proud to be the new owner of these artifacts.


The books will be housed in the Kislak Center upon processing completion and available for patrons’ viewing; meanwhile, the history will be made a circulating item in the Van Pelt East Asia section. Our first acquisition, pictured in this post, will be digitized and put online for worldwide use — unlike the other books, this is an actual scrapbook made by an individual in the fleet. We thank Robert Hegwood, PhD candidate in History at Penn, for purchasing this scrapbook from Japan for the libraries and kicking off our special collection.


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