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New Anthropology ebooks and online fieldnotes

The Penn Libraries have purchased two new online resources for ethnographic and cultural anthropological research: Anthropology Online and Anthropological Fieldwork Online.

Anthropology Online provides searchable fulltext for more than 300 published monographs by Clifford Geertz, Claude Levi-Strauss, Paul Stoller, Paul Rabinow, Franz Boas, Margaret Mead, Brian Fagan, Maurice Bloch, Oscar Lewis, and other anthropologists whose works form the core literature of anthropology, as well as classic textbooks on ethnographic methods and other anthropological field techniques. Anthropology Online also includes reproductions of selected ethnographic fieldnotes and photographs from the archives of the Royal Anthropological Institute. The database contains more than 100,000 pages of anthropological material. Individual titles in Anthropology Online are identified in Franklin Catalog, with PennKey-authenticated handle URLs for convenient access on campus and off campus.

Anthropological Fieldwork Online is a new primary-source collection of digitized archival fieldnotes – field notebooks, images, recordings, correspondence, draft manuscripts, lectures, and articles – compiled by leading social and cultural anthropologists of the early- to mid-20th century. The first release of Anthropological Fieldwork Online includes the fieldnotes of Bronislaw Malinowski (Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea, 1915-1931) held at the London School of Economics and Yale University; Max Gluckman (Lozi and Zulu, 1930s-1940s) from the Royal Anthropological Institute; and Victor Turner (Ndembu, 1950-1980) – 30,000 pages in all! Future releases will include fieldnotes of Raymond Firth (Tikopia, Solomon Islands, Malaya, 1910-1988), Edith Durham (Albania, early 1900s), and additional Malinowski material. Alexander Street Press has targeted additional collections for inclusion in Anthropological Fieldwork Online: papers of Alfred Kroeber, A.M. Hocart, C.G. and Brenda Seligman, Edmund Leach, Margaret Mead, James Mooney, Marvin Harris, Reo Franklin, Ruth Landes, the Jesup North Pacific Expedition and the Star Congo Expedition.

Anthropological Fieldwork Online is complemented by the Ruth Benedict Papers, the 8,000-page initial content in Alexander Street Press’s new open-access anthropological fieldnotes hosting services, Anthropology Commons. The Ruth Benedict Papers are searchable through the Anthropological Fieldwork Online inteface.

Anthropology Online, Anthropological Fieldwork Online, and Anthropology Commons are cross-searchable on the Alexander Street Press platform, alongside ASP’s videostreaming services, Ethnographic Video Online. The ASP interface offers searching by geographic region, cultural group, and ethnographer or filmmaker.


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