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ProQuest Regulatory Insight

Biddle Law Library has recently purchased an important US administrative law research tool for readers across the Penn campus, ProQuest Regulatory Insight.

ProQuest Regulatory Insight leverages standard citation fomatting in the Code of Federal Regulations and daily Federal Register to compile regulatory histories for individual federal statutes and executive orders. The database includes CFR and FR fulltext linked from each regulatory history.

When completed, ProQuest Regulatory Insight will provide regulatory histories for 1936-2015. At present (June 2016), the database covers Public Laws enacted in 1989-2015, with Federal Register fulltext for 1979-present and Code of Federal Regulations for 1993-present.

ProQuest Regulatory Insight uses a search platform similar to ProQuest Legislative Insight, the complementary database offering 27,000 legislative histories for 1789-2012. More information about ProQuest Regulatory Insight is provided in ProQuest’s LibGuides site.

We offer a big Thank You to our colleagues at Biddle Law Library for their generosity in making this important acquisition.

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