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Norfolk Journal and Guide, 1916-2003

One of the most important black southern newspapers published in the mid- to late-20th century. By the end of World War II the Journal and Guide had a circulation of over 80,000 that included editions published in Richmond, Baltimore and Washington D.C.  Because of its location, the Journal and Guide was often forced to take a more moderate position on issues then northern black newspapers; it’s financial viability was premised on its ability to attract advertising from white companies that would not support a paper with ‘radical’ positions on issues such as racial equality.  Also, it undertook campaigns, such as one against the first great migration, that were contrary to the views of black newspapers in the North.

Nonetheless, the Journal and Guide crusaded for labor integration, greater investment in infrastructure-such as paved roads-for African Americans, against lynching, and in support of the Scottsboro Boys.

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