Penn Libraries

Egyptian Film Posters Come to Penn Libraries

This month Penn Libraries has acquired the Stanford Collection of Egyptian Film Posters. This massive collection consists of 4,170 posters, which span the entire period of the Egyptian cinema’s artistic supremacy in the Middle East, roughly the 1930s through the 2000s. These posters are not simply beautiful relics of the time when Egypt was known as “Hollywood on the Nile”, but important sources for cinema history as well, chronicling as they do, directors, producers, actors, actresses, composers, screenwriters, production companies and more. Moreover, they are finely lithographed, and depict scenes from their films, some of which are no longer extant. This significant collection will be housed in the Rare Section of Fisher Fine Arts Library. It was purchased through a cooperative effort of a number of library units, including Middle East, Fine Arts, and the Kislak Center. Purchase of the collection was coordinated with a number of Penn professors, including Renata Holod and Marwan Kraidy, who want to utilize the posters for the teaching of both design and cinema history, and for exhibition. For more information, contact David Giovacchini, Middle East and Islamic Studies Librarian,, 215-898-2196.

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