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HistoryMakers Digital Archive of African American First Person Testimonies

A unique resource for both faculty and students, The HistoryMakers Digital Archive contains thousands of hours of videotaped first person testimony of both well known and unsung African Americans from 180 cities and towns across the United States and aborad. Firsthand accounts include the story of Vernon Jordan escorting Charlayne Hunter-Gault as she integrated the University of Georgia; the capture, impisonment, and acquital of Angela Davis, the  oldest living black cowboy, poets Nikki Giovanni and Sonia Sanchez. 211 of the nation’s top scientists and Barack Obama.

The HistoryMakers Digital Archive and it’s easy to use search and inferential indexing section currently places more than 4,000 hours of first person testimony (it will grow to 9,000 by December of 2017 and increase to over 20,000 hours) in the hands of students and teachers, with dynamic transcripts and curated story segments to aid in searching.

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