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JOVE Science Education videos

The Biomedical Library is very excited to announce the recent acquisition of Jove Science Education Basic Biology. This unique resource is a collection of how-to videos that can be used as an introduction to basic laboratory techniques, cellular and molecular biology methods, and protocols for the following model organisms: S. cerevisiae, D. melanogaster, C. elegans, M. musculus, G. g. domesticus, and D. rerio. There are 60 videos, along with accompanying audio and text. Some titles include:

Introduction to Light Microscopy
Making Solutions in the Laboratory
Plasmid Purification
DNA Gel Electrophoresis
Isolating Nucleic Acids from Yeast
RNAi in
C. elegans

As an added bonus, access to Essentials of Cell Biology, which includes 15 additional videos, will be turned on for 12 months.

Access Jove Science Education here:



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