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Brill’s Flavius Josephus: Translation and Commentary

This is the first comprehensive literary-historical online commentary on the works of Flavius Josephus in English. As the title suggests, this online publication provides a literal translation of the Josephus texts and, through its commentaries, both literary and historical context. Brill’s online Flavius Josephus is an exact reproduction of the print series, containing all volumes and parts. Unique to the online instance is the addition of Niese’s 19th century, Greek Text, editio major [Benedikt Niese, Flavii Josephi opera (7 volumes, Berlin 1885-1895)].


The major works of Flavius Josephus include The Judean War, the 15 volume Judean Antiquities, Life of Josephus, and Against Apion (Contra Apionem). Commentaries include annotated bibliographies leading to recommended readings. For a full description of this newly available database and guidance in its navigation, please follow this link: Link directly to the resource through the Penn Libraries proxy:, or view the Franklin record: Questions? Contact Rebecca Stuhr, Arthur Kiron, or David Azzolina.

2 thoughts on “Brill’s Flavius Josephus: Translation and Commentary

  1. Just one small correction: The Antiquities is comprised of 20 books, not 15. The commentary has so far been released for books 1-10 and 15. Cheers!

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