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JSTOR World Heritage Sites: Africa

The Penn Libraries have acquired JSTOR World Heritage Sites: Africa, a multimedia collection of visual, contextual, and spatial documentation on African heritage sites.

Lloyd-Bleek ledger drawing World Heritage Sites: Africa presents 30 curated subcollections of visual, spatial, and contextual documentation for African heritage sites. Highlights among the subcollections are archaeological field data, artifact and site images, and other materials on Axum (Ethiopia), Jenne-jeno and Djenné (Mali), Kilwa Kiswani and Engaruka (Tanzania); photographs from mud-architecture sites in Mali, Morocco, and Egypt; the Heinz-Rüther collection of aerial imagery, 3d models, and other materials on monument sites throughout Africa (including Great Zimbabwe, Lalibela, Timbuktu, Musawwarat es-Sufra); 324 Timbuktu MSS;  rock art imagery (chiefly from Southern Africa sites); an architectural photo survey of Mogadishu, Somalia; and ethnographic photos of ceremonies taken by Carol Beckwith, Angela Fisher, and David Coulson.

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