Penn Libraries

Request for Proposal for Technology Consultant, BorrowDirect Shared Index Project

The Penn Libraries, in coordination with the Ivy Plus Libraries’ BorrowDirect Shared Index Working Group (BDSIWG) is embarking on an exciting new initiative to enhance discovery of our collective collections to support resource sharing between our 13 partner libraries. The BorrowDirect partners envision the creation of a shared index, along with robust data feeds, APIs, and a search function, to dramatically enhance the BorrowDirect service.

The Penn Libraries, on behalf of the BDSIWG, has issued this Request for Proposals for a Technology Consultant to assist us with this project. We encourage parties with interest and relevant experience to review the Request for Proposal, Technology Consultant, BorrowDirect Shared Index Project, and to submit statements of interest, capabilities, and pricing estimates in response.

Your response to this proposal shall be submitted to Heidi Nance, Director of Resource Sharing Initiatives (DRSI), Ivy Plus Libraries Partnership, who is organizationally based at the Penn Libraries. The DRSI will manage all project communication, coordination of the proposed Agreement, and the project administration on behalf of Penn Libraries.

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