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Left of Liberalism: Marxist-Socialist Newspapers, 1900-2015

Collection of US and British papers that represent Communism, Socialism, and Marxism as alternative visions of organizing society.  It addresses issues of the 20th Century such as: the working class, labor conditions, unionism, post-WWII McCarthyism, and Nazi crimes against humanity.  Content is still being added.  Significant titles that will eventually be in the collection include:

  • The Bulletin (1964-1974)
  • The Communist (1926-1945)
  • The Daily Worker (1923-1958)
  • The Liberator (1918-1924)
  • The Masses (1911-1917)
  • New Masses (1926-1948)
  • Young Socialist (1957-1964)

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