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Ethnographic Sound Archive

Ethnographic Sound Archive (from Alexander Street) features the fieldwork of several major scholars, comprising over 2,000 hours of (streaming audio) recordings from around the world with fieldnotes, films, diaries, and photographs. These collections include the Mark Slobin Fieldwork Archive: Music from the Afghan North (1967-1972, one of the few scholars to do research in this area prior to Soviet invasion and Taliban). The Louis Sarno Archive of music from the Central African rainforest features a comprehensive collection of Bakaya music (traditional hunter-gatherer culture), recorded starting in the mid-1980s.

The U.S.A. South Negro Folklore Collection (Music from the American South) features recordings made by Walter Garwick between 1935-1937 in Virginia, South Carolina (Gullah), Georgia (including St. John’s Island), Tennessee, and Alabama. The Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy Collection documents richly diverse musical genres in India and Pakistan spanning 1963-1980. Hugh Tracey’s Fieldwork Collection (Sound of Africa series) covers a myriad of styles and traditions from Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa (International Library of African Music, Rhodes University).

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