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LexisNexis Academic becomes Nexis Uni

UPDATE, 8/6/2018. Nexis Uni has been fully operational for months, but LexisNexis Academic has not ceased … for now. We recommend making the switch: use Nexis Uni!

During the next few weeks, the popular Penn Libraries fulltext news, legal, and business research database LexisNexis Academic will become Nexis Uni.

This change is more than a re-branding. Nexis Uni carries over the content from LexisNexis Academic, and the new interface offers personal sign-in customization features (e.g., alerts, bookmarking, and saved searches) and collaborative spaces for Nexis Uni record sharing.

Nexis Uni will emphasize natural-language searching, but the interface will accept LexisNexis Academic search syntax familiar to power users.

We will continue to present direct linking to individual Nexis Uni files through Franklin Catalog, although Nexis Uni direct URLs may not be re-used from their LexisNexis Academic originals. Nexis Uni content will also continue to be available for textmining through the Penn Libraries’ LexisNexis Web Services Kit tool.


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