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In the next two weeks, the Penn Libraries’ principal website will undergo significant changes in navigation and content presentation.  We hope you’ll preview our new homepage and its array of new menu options.  The latter are designed to make it easier to locate resources in our collections and facilities, and among our professional staff, because our information services and physical enterprise continue evermore to grow in variety and complexity.  This preview will continue until January 22, 2018, the date we cut over to the new homepage.

The homepage update emphasizes new routes to information rather than design and layout, which are largely consistent with the current homepage.  It offers a familiar search box for expedited search of Franklin and the Libraries’ enormous e-journal and e-book platforms.  But, you’ll also notice a much richer presentation of space-related services, more routes to experts on staff, a fuller description of our Teaching, Learning, and Research services, and quick links to resources we know are in heavy demand.  And you’ll find more.

This upgrade has two essential goals.  The first is an improved user experience, one that reveals more information, more directly about Library services.  The second goal is an improved ability to manage technology change.  Behind the scenes, we’ve made a series of IT enhancements that will yield greater security and greater service continuity for students, faculty and staff.  These enhancements will also quicken our ability to publish new information and heighten our resilience to technical obsolescence.

Changes in the website below the homepage will happen incrementally as we migrate content into the new infrastructure.  We’ve worked hard to make this a seamless experience, but you may access pages with an older design metaphor.  This may be especially so during the preview phase.  Even though older and newer pages may be blended for a time, the content and information you receive has been vetted and validated.  We expect the experience of transition to be finite and fairly brief.  A list of pages changing with the cutover to the new homepage can be viewed at

A feedback link is included on the current and preview homepages, and we welcome your questions and problem reports.


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