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Penn Libraries have licensed SpringerMaterials.  This database is originally based on the data present in the Landolt-Börnstein reference set, consisting of materials properties and data, but has been greatly expanded.  It now covers over 250,000 different materials or chemical systems, including:

  • Metals
  • Alloys
  • Ceramics
  • Glasses
  • Polymers
  • Organic substances
  • Composites
  • Individual atoms (1)

Available data for these materials or systems include:

  • Phase diagrams and phase diagram reports
  • Crystal structures
  • Corrosion data
  • Gas adsorption data
  • Thermophysical properties of substances
  • Thermodynamic data of polymers (1)

In addition to the original Landolt-Börnstein volumes, source material for these data derive from MSI Eureka, the Polymer Thermodynamics Database, the Dortmund Databank of Separation Technology, various other Springer handbooks, and one or more NIST databases (1).  The database is searchable by keyword, by elements from the Periodic Table, by structure, and using a special corrosion search for a material and its environment; and you can browse the data from your search results or from a particular source using sidebar facets to narrow your selections.

To begin searching SpringerMaterials, please click here:

If you have questions about the database or its use, please contact Judith Currano, Head, Chemistry Library ( or Doug McGee, Assistant Director of STEM Libraries and Engineering Librarian (

(1) Data reproduced from

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