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Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive now online

One of “the 70 online databases that define our planet” (MIT Technology Review), the Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive is now available for Penn readers to download and use in MS Excel spreadsheet format.

CNTS provides annual time-series spanning 1815 to the present for 244 current and former countries worldwide. Devised in 1968 by Arthur S. Banks, the current release of CNTS presents 199 variables covering area and population data, urbanization, national government revenue and expenditure, national income and currency, industrial production, trade, energy, military, industrial and labor force, transportation, communication and media (including telephones, telegraphy, and postal mail, computers and internet access), schools, domestic conflict, electoral and legislative processes, international status indicators, and selected percent annual increase data.

Prior to starting this new online subscription, access through the Penn Libraries was provided through a single-user CD-ROM, updated occasionally. Our new subscription brings improved delivery of CNTS‘s current data release.

2 JULY 2018 UPDATE : The CNTS 2018 Edition has been released, adding 2017 data on domestic conflict events.

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