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Historic CRS reports and Congressional Committee Prints now in ProQuest Congressional

During Summer 2018, the Penn Libraries added the Congressional Research Digital Collection : Collection A to our ProQuest Congressional fulltext collection.

The new content added to ProQuest Congressional includes two documents collections:

Congressional Research Service reports, 1916-2003. CRS, the reference service for the US Congress, provides impartial and accurate summaries of contemporary policy topics. Recurring titles are useful for

Congressional Committee Prints, 1830-2003. Committee prints are internal working documents for US Congressional committees. They include draft reports and bills, directories, statistical materials, investigative reports, historical and retrospective reports, situational studies, confidential staff reports, and legislative analyses. Committee prints are not retained in the Serial Set (the compilation of Congressional reports and documents) and they usually are not announced publicly.

With this addition, ProQuest Congressional becomes the one-stop source for all things US Congress: Slip Bills & Laws, 1789-present; Hearings (published and unpublished), 1824-present; House and Senate Documents and Reports, 1817-present; the Serial Set, 1789-present; Committee Prints, 1817-present; CRS Reports, 1916-present. ProQuest Congressional also provides fulltext for Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders, 1789-present.

ProQuest Congressional is one in a suite of ProQuest collections covering the federal government. ProQuest Legislative Insight and ProQuest Regulatory Insight provide legislative and regulatory histories for public laws. ProQuest Supreme Court Insight contains full opinions from Supreme Court argued cases, including dockets, oral arguments, and amicus briefs, and also Cert Denied case information. Individual ProQuest Congressional documents may also be discovered through Franklin Catalog.

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