Penn Libraries

Request for Proposals – BorrowDirect Shared Index

Updated on Wednesday, November 7: The deadline for responses to the RFP has been extended to November 21, 2018 at 5pm EST.

The Ivy Plus Libraries (IPL) – which includes Brown University Libraries, Columbia University Libraries, Cornell University Libraries, Dartmouth College Libraries, Duke University Libraries, Harvard University Libraries, Johns Hopkins University Libraries, Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT) Libraries, Princeton University Libraries, Stanford University Libraries, University of Chicago Library, University of Pennsylvania Libraries, and Yale University Libraries – collectively hold more than 90 million titles. Through our signature service – BorrowDirect – we share more than 270,000 items per year in a highly automated and load balanced resource sharing system.

Now we seek to amplify and build upon this success and enhance discovery of our collective collection by creating a shared index, along with robust data feeds, APIs, and search functions, to dramatically enhance real-time, item-level, faceted and user-friendly discovery experience.

Penn Libraries, acting on behalf of the 13 partner libraries, seeks responses to the RFP by November 22, 2018. Please note that preference will be given to responders offering an open-source solution.

Questions about this project, the RFP, or Ivy Plus Libraries may be directed to Heidi Nance (, Director of Resource Sharing Initiatives for Ivy Plus Libraries.

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