Penn Libraries

Working off campus? Hitting a paywall? We have a browser extension for you

One frustration of working off campus is running into paywalls–websites that ask you to pay for articles that you can access on campus seamlessly. The Lean Library Access browser extension provides you with easy off-campus access to articles and books licensed by the Penn Libraries.

When you land on a site that offers content licensed by the Penn Libraries, the extension icon in your browser toolbar prompts you to login using your Penn credentials and takes you directly to the content. If licensed content is not available, the extension will search for open-access versions of articles or offer you the option to use our interlibrary loan services.

Lean Library Access is available for most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge). For more information, see our guide, or if you’re ready to give Lean Library Access a try, download it, select “University of Pennsylvania” as your institution, and start browsing!


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