Penn Libraries

Homepage Refresh to Streamline User Experience and Provide Key Insights into the Life of the Penn Libraries

On March 26th, the Penn Libraries will be debuting a long-anticipated refresh of our homepage. Executed by a collaborative, interdepartmental library team, this refresh will not only streamline user experience but also provide outsiders an important glimpse into the life of the library through visual features and storytelling.

After a revealing testing session with users during finals week this fall, the team was able to create a menu bar that aims to demystify the process of accessing Penn Libraries’ resources and services online. The team was motivated by the idea of reducing jargon and paying attention to our use of direct, user-friendly language. Other features users can look forward to are a more prominent display of hours and a simple search box that will deliver a larger array of resources than it had previously. The enhanced features aim to strike a balance between accessing our resources and informing users about new Library services and activities.

H. Carton Rogers III Vice Provost and Director of Libraries Constantia Constantinou feels that the opportunity to share the work of Penn Libraries’ employees is the cornerstone of this refresh project. “No matter how much technology we adopt, The Penn Libraries are, at the end of the day, powered by people. It is vital to share the stories of their achievements and successes with the world.” Constantinou sees the Penn Libraries’ homepage as a gateway to a universe of information for its users. “Increasing the ease of access to this universe and the speed of the voyage to discovery will support innovative scholarly breakthroughs.”


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