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Two online IGOs : WTO iLibrary & ITU iLibrary

The Penn Libraries have started subscriptions to online collections from the World Trade Organization and the International Telecommunications Union.

wto-ilib-logo3The WTO iLibrary offers more than 900 ebooks, reports, and working papers published by the World Trade Organization, 1996 to the present, on trade issues, including dispute settlement and regional trade agreements, technical barriers to trade, trade facilitation and customs valuation. Each year, the WTO iLibrary adds around 70 titles.

The WTO iLibrary also includes statistical databases for national tariff profiles and trade profiles, and time series on merchandise trade and commercial services trade.

v2_testing_ITU_logoThe ITU iLibrary provides the World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database, the UN’s official source for global information and communications technology statistics. The ITU iLibrary also presents more than 470 ebooks, reports, and working papers published by the ITU, 1975 to present. These works cover subjects in science and technology, including communication accessibility, wlreless networks and spectrum management, cybersecurity, and eHealth.

Both the WTO iLibrary and ITU iLibrary are hosted on the OECD iLibrary platform, alongside the UN iLibrary, OECD iLibrary (including IEA energy information), and Commonwealth Secretariat iLibrary. Records for ebooks in these collections appear in Franklin Catalog. The OECD iLibrary platform provides free-to-all reading; PDF downloading and statistical databases are provided to subscribers. The Penn Libraries view our subscription in part as a way to support open access to IGO information.

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