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University of Michigan Press ebooks

michiganThe new University of Michigan Press ebooks collection is now available to Penn readers through the Penn Libraries. This collection brings perpetual access to at least 80 new titles published by the Press this year and provides complementary access to more than 1,000 backlist titles.

The University of Michigan Press publishes peer-reviewed, faculty-selected books in the humanities and social sciences, especially political science, performing arts, classics and archaeology, and American studies. Award-winning titles present in the ebook collection include:

Penn faculty are also represented in the current ebook collection:

As part of the University of Michigan Library, the University of Michigan Press supports public readership in its publishing program. At present, roughly 10% of the ebook collection is open access, offered free to the world through Knowledge Unlatched, the Madison Initiative, and other OA projects:

The Penn Libraries have supported liberating many of these works through funding contributions to Knowledge Unlatched.

The University of Michigan Press ebooks collection is hosted on its own Fulcrum platform, developed as a community-based open source publishing platform. A part of the University of Michigan Library, the Press is offering new media features in its ebook publications. These works include audio and video content, as well as 3D modelling. Examples of titles with these new media formats are:

The Fulcrum hosting platform offers an EPUB 3 reader as well as complete-book EPUB and PDF downloads. In addition to multimedia and embedded audio and video, online images are zoomable. Fulcrum has been adopted by several university presses, including the Penn State Press, University of Minnesota Press, Indiana University Press, and the Oberlin Group’s Lever Press. The American Council on Learned Societies’ ACLS Humanities E-Book collection has migrated to the Fulcrum platform.

Titles in the University of Michigan ebooks collection will be discoverable through Franklin Catalog.

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