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FERN’s Ag Insider : food policy news service

FERN’s Ag Insider provides daily reporting and analysis on US federal and state food and agriculture policy. The new Penn Libraries online subscription to FERN’s Ag Insider brings daily email blasts and website news item searching on the US-China trade war affecting agriculture, climate change’s effect on farm production, food stamps and SNAP, genetically modified organisms, US Congressional agriculture committee activity, and many other food and agriculture topics.

FERN, the Food & Environment Reporting Network – called by the Washington Post (9/10/2014), “a nonprofit group that produces the kind of deep investigative reporting that many newspapers can’t afford anymore” – is a news organization that funds investigative journalism on food, agriculture, and environmental health. Its stories on antibiotic and pharmaceutical use in agriculture, climate change and drought, farm labor, food access, ocean and freshwater pollution from agricultural practices are examples of FERN’s impact on US and international food policy

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