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20th Century Business Magazines

The Library recently purchased: Forbes Magazine Archive, 1917-2000 Fortune Magazine Archive, 1930-2000 to go along with: Businessweek Magazine Archive, 1929-2000 These three publications are the most important U.S. business magazines of the 20th century, covering finance, industry, investing, politics, technology and other topics from the perspective of what informed businessmen and women need to know. … Continue reading

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International Herald Tribune, 1887-2013

Sold in over 160 countries and read worldwide, the International Herald Tribune is one of the most innovative and original newspapers, famous for its objective and clear coverage. Bringing an international perspective, it provides a valuable counterpoint to the Anglo-American press, adding a new dimension to research.  Though it has been owned and operated by … Continue reading

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Archives of Sexuality and Gender, Part 2: LGBTQ History and Culture since 1940

This collection builds on part 1 to provide millions of pages worth of publications, archives, ephemera and reports relating to LGBTQ history and culture.  Part 2 provides access to material relating to minorities, religious LGBTQ organizations, international publications and reports, AIDS advocacy groups, governmental investigations of homosexuals and collections from the ONE archive. In addition, … Continue reading

<A href="">Music Magazine Archive: Rock, Folk & Hip Hop</a>
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Music Magazine Archive: Rock, Folk & Hip Hop

Music Magazine Archive is a series of digital collections focused on 20th and 21st century genres such as Rock, Folk, and Hip-Hop & Rap. Each genre-based collection unites every page and every issue of a diverse and influential group of magazines. These publications uniquely capture the social and historical context of each genre, and together … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (1786-2003)

The Post-Gazette was first published as the weekly Pittsburgh Gazette in 1786.  It was the first newspaper to be published west of the Allegheny Mountains.  It provides uniquely important coverage of early western expansion, the rise of industries such as coal and steel, labor movements.  Its coverage also documents industrial collapse and the creation of … Continue reading

<a href="">The Philadelphia Inquirer (1860-2001)</a>
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The Philadelphia Inquirer (1860-2001)

The Philadelphia Inquirer has been the highest circulating newspaper in Philadelphia since 1980 and is the newspaper of record for the Delaware Valley Region.  It is also the third oldest surviving daily newspaper in the United States. During the Civil War, The Inquirer, which was pro-Union but attempted to provide neutral reporting, was widely circulated … Continue reading

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Meet the Press, 1947-2013

The Meet the Press collection opens up a wealth of information to libraries by making 1,500 hours of footage—nearly the full broadcast run to date—available online. Transcriptions of all spoken words allows keyword searching across the entire collection. Examine how coverage of immigration reform has evolved from the 1980s through 2012, find clear film examples of how … Continue reading