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Current Open Access Collections Initiatives at the Penn Libraries

Post by Nick Okrent, Coordinator and Librarian for Humanities Collections. Support for Open Access is a core part of The University of Pennsylvania Libraries’ mission.  While other posts in this series discuss international movements, Penn’s Institutional Repository, and other approaches to OA, this post addresses how the Libraries uses its collection budget to invest in … Continue reading

Open Access / Open Access Week / Penn Libraries

Student Views on Cost Barriers to Purchasing Textbooks. Open Access Week Post #4

Textbooks are crucial components to learning in the modern school system. Without a course textbook, it is difficult if not impossible to succeed in a class. Our interest in Open Access led Wanyue and I to look into the accessibility of textbooks and the trending slogan #textbookbroke. Continue reading

Open Access / Open Access Week / Penn Libraries

Why pay for what’s free? Finding open access and public domain articles. Open Access Week Post #3

Post by John Mark Ockerbloom, Digital Library Strategist & Metadata Architect (John Ockerbloom is the author of Everybody’s Libraries. You can also follow his insights and work on Open Access via twitter.) It happens to most researchers all too often.  You see a reference or a link to an article that you’d love to read or … Continue reading

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Penn Libraries New Institutional Plan for Open Access Publishing with PeerJ and PeerJ Computer Science

As part of the Penn Libraries’ efforts to support the dissemination of Penn scholarship and to support innovative and sustainable open-access projects, we have set up an institutional plan with PeerJ (a publishing platform focusing on biology, medicine, and general science) and PeerJ Computer Science, PeerJ has developed a model of lifetime memberships for … Continue reading