Penn Libraries

Pope-Related Items on Tumblr

In honor of the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia this week, the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies is sharing  a number of the Penn Libraries’ Pope-related items.


The featured image is from Ms. Codex 85, Bullarium Augustinianum, (fol. 1r) written in Italy around 1506 (per a note on the manuscript, fol. 124v). Ms. Codex 85 contains a collection of papal letters and instruments dealing with the order of the Eremite Friars of St. Augustine (the Augustinians). The collection begins with a bull of Pope Sixtus IV. Other popes whose bulls are quoted or referred to include Alexander IV, Boniface VIII, Clement VI, John XXII, Urban VI, Martin V, Eugene IV, Nicholas V, Pius II, Paul II, Innocent IV, Alexander VI, and Julius II.

For more, see University of Pennsylvania Manuscripts on Tumblr

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