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Penn Libraries New Institutional Plan for Open Access Publishing with PeerJ and PeerJ Computer Science

As part of the Penn Libraries’ efforts to support the dissemination of Penn scholarship and to support innovative and sustainable open-access projects, we have set up an institutional plan with PeerJ (a publishing platform focusing on biology, medicine, and general science) and PeerJ Computer Science, PeerJ has developed a model of lifetime memberships for its authors. Through the libraries’ institutional plan, Penn faculty and students who are accepted through peer review for publication with PeerJ will automatically receive a basic lifetime membership, which will allow them to post unlimited preprints and to publish one peer-reviewed article a year with PeerJ or PeerJ Computer Science.

PeerJ is one of a number of open access initiatives currently funded through the collections budget. Those initiatives include subscriptions to BioMed Central (, a large open access journal platform, arXiv (, the long established physics preprint database, and Scoap3 (, a partnership of libraries and funding agents to convert high energy physics journals to open access. The libraries are also supporting initiatives such as Knowledge Unlatched (, which forms library and publisher partnerships to support open access publication of books on specialized topics, Open Library of the Humanities (, which is creating an open access mega journal and supporting the publication of open access scholarly books, and finally the Open Access Network (, which seeks to develop a new model of centralized funding for open access.

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