Collection News / Penn Libraries

e > p : 2016.05.03

Franklin_20160503_cropA Penn Libraries milestone was reached on May 3, 2016, when the number of electronic titles in Franklin Catalog surpassed the number of print titles.

Franklin Catalog describes the Penn Libraries collections. Its bibliographic records identify more than 7.6 million books and documents in print and electronic formats, journals and other periodicals in print and electronic formats, microforms, media recordings and online streams, manuscripts, datafiles, and many other formats. Franklin Catalog also locates these materials in our physical collections or through our licensed online entitlements.

Recent additions to Franklin Catalog include 2.6 million records for downloadable ebooks hosted by HathiTrust and more than 71,000 records for books and other print materials from the Gotham Book Mart Collection.

For more information on the Penn Libraries collections and how we are acclimating them  to current and future reader wants and needs, please contact Richard Griscom, Director for Collections & Liaison Services, or Jon Shaw, Director of Logistics & Access Services.

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