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American Antiquarian Society Historical Periodicals Collection 

Collection of the great majority of American periodicals held by the American Antiquarian Society published between 1684 and 1912, from the Colonial Era through the Civil War and Reconstruction.  The AAS holds the largest such collection in the world.  This collection can be supplemented by the online holdings of American Periodicals .  For an even … Continue reading

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Left of Liberalism: Marxist-Socialist Newspapers, 1900-2015

Collection of US and British papers that represent Communism, Socialism, and Marxism as alternative visions of organizing society.  It addresses issues of the 20th Century such as: the working class, labor conditions, unionism, post-WWII McCarthyism, and Nazi crimes against humanity.  Content is still being added.  Significant titles that will eventually be in the collection include: … Continue reading

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HeinOnline: History of Law Resources

The legal resource HeinOnline has recently added several modules.  New content includes: Animal Studies: Law, Welfare and Rights: With titles from the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Animal Welfare Institute, this collection aims to establish the foundational laws pertaining to animals and follow the evolution of these rights throughout the years. It includes philosophical books … Continue reading

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Ku Klux Klan Newspapers, 1915-1937

At its peak in 1924, Klan-paid membership exceeded 4,000,000 and its national newspaper, the Imperial Night-Hawk, had a circulation larger than the New York Times.  This collection brings together for the first time local, regional, and national newspapers published by Klan organizations and by sympathetic publishers across the U.S. during this period. It also includes … Continue reading

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Academic Video Online

This is an extraordinary collection of 62,000 streaming video titles.  Coverage includes art, business, music, history, social issues, ethnography, journalism and ethnic studies as well as  documentaries from producers such as PBS and the BBC.  Much of this material is unavailable through vendors such as Amazon and YouTube. The collection is made up of sub-collections … Continue reading

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Time Magazine Archives, 1923-2000

Time magazine was America’s first news weekly and for most of its history was also the most widely circulated and influential.  It was designed to reach the widest possible audience and to provide succinct coverage of a wide range of subjects. Articles and cover pages are fully indexed and advertisements are individually identified, ensuring researchers … Continue reading

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Targeting Iraq, Part 1: Planning, Invasion and Occupation, 1997-2004

Targeting Iraq, Part 1: Planning, Invasion, and Occupation, 1997-2004 is a collection of 2,141 records, many only recently declassified, documenting U.S. policy toward Iraq from 1997 through mid-2004. Included is material from President Bill Clinton’s second term, when the overthrow of Iraq’s president, Saddam Hussein, became official United States policy, documents covering the invasion of … Continue reading