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Selected 20th Century Records of the U.S State Department

The Department is responsible for planning and implementing American foreign policy. The Secretary of State is the President’s chief advisor for foreign affairs.  As such, records of the U.S. State Department are crucial starting points for research in U.S. foreign relations.  Note that many documents, especially after World War II, are classified and only available … Continue reading

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Correspondence of the Board of Foreign Mission, 1833-1911

The nineteenth century has been described as the “Great Century” of Protestant missions, when the Gospel was sent to more peoples than ever before. The Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America was an active participant in this phenomenal expansion. Missionary activities were important in the political, economic, … Continue reading

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Making of Modern Law: American Civil Liberties Union Papers, 1912-1990

For most of the twentieth century the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was the principal defender of the rights that citizens can assert against government. Its primary aims have been the defense of the freedoms of speech and press, the separation of church and state, the free exercise of religion, due process of law, equal … Continue reading

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John Johnson Collection of British Printed Ephemera

The John Johnson Collection provides access to 67,754 scanned items (a total of 174,196 images), including more than 20,700 pieces of theatrical and non-theatrical ephemera from the Nineteenth-Century Entertainment category and more than 11,700 items from the Booktrade category. Over 11,200 Popular Prints are available in facsimile form, along with more than 22,400 items from … Continue reading

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Women’s Magazine Archive I and II, 1886-2005

An archival research resource comprising the full backfiles of leading women’s interest consumer magazines. Titles are scanned from cover to cover in high-resolution color and feature detailed article-level indexing. Coverage ranges from the late-19th century through to 2005 and these key primary sources permit the examination of the events, trends, and attitudes of this period. … Continue reading

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Womens Wear Daily Archive, 1910-2016

Widely considered the ‘Wall St Journal’ of the fashion industry.  From the first issue in 1910 to the present year, Women’s Wear Daily Archive preserves one of the industry’s most influential reads, tracing day-to-day news, opinion, and socio-economic trends, from runway reports to beauty product reviews. WWD is a unique record of the twentieth century … Continue reading